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Q&A with Cokie Berenyi, Mountain Climber of 7 Summits Hosting a A Perfect Day Canyon Ranch Retr


Hope you are having a good week.

Here in this video, I am with Cokie Berenyi, A Perfect Day Engineer and mountain climber of the world’s 7 summits! She recently returned from climbing Mt. Everest!

We talk about her WHY and what it felt like accomplishing the climb. She will be doing a post Everest discussion at a 3-day A Perfect Day retreat she is hosting at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona September 23rd-26th, 2021. I read her Perfect Day book and love the gratitude jar she mentions in it. I did it last year, writing down everything I was thankful for each day or week, put it in a jar and on New Year’s, read them with my husband. It was a fun and meaningful exercise. The Perfect Day process helped me manifest a life dream this year with my business and has helped me to have more Perfect Days in everyday life, too — grateful for Perfect Day.

Here is a look at the itinerary:

If you would like to register for our Zoom with Canyon Ranch to learn more about Canyon Ranch and the trip on July 15th at 1 PM EST, click here:

Please email Stefany with any questions at and or

With passion and adventure,


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