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Daniele and Stefany’s story begins in Venice, Italy, where she flew in on a private jet. She was working as a flight attendant, while he was the Station Manager of Universal Weather and Aviation at the airport. As soon as Daniele stepped onto the jet, their eyes locked. He walked over to Stefany – who was on the floor with beads of sweat dripping down her face – bent down, and helped her buckle the Tempur-Pedic mattress she was struggling to pack up after an overnight flight. In that moment, she could see what a kind gentleman he was. Of course, his big green eyes and chiseled face didn’t hurt either! A chill shot through Stefany’s body, giving her a jolt of energy; she could sense that there was something different and unique about this guy. 

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For Daniele, born in the small town of Mirano (outside Venice) and raised by two entrepreneurs and Stefany (born in Michigan and raised by two Italian immigrants), their connection was immediate, strong, and undeniable. She returned to Venice the following month on another work trip, which is when their relationship took off. Eight months later, aching to be closer to each other, Daniele moved to California (where Stefany lived) and they got married a few months later. They now reside in Charleston, South Carolina.

Since 2009 working as a corporate flight attendant, Stefany has traveled to 59 countries and 37 islands…and counting! This has given her an immense amount of experience with world travel while meeting the needs of a high-profile clientele, including celebrities and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Daniele, the former Station Manager for commercial and private aviation, has similar experience managing the needs, wants, and logistics of VIPs – having arranged their lodging, transfers, and special requests. They are both passionate about seeing new places, and dream of traveling the world. They both enjoy it because it opens their eyes to different cultures, making them more humble and well-rounded. It was immediately apparent that they both shared the same deep love for travel and lust for seeing the world and what that brings them.

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With their adventurous spirit and zest for travel, and their love of exploring new places and cultures, along with their strengths of excelling in serving a high-end clientele, DMC Travel Tailor, an upscale travel concierge company, was born in 2016. (The name was chosen using the initials of both of their last names: Di Manno and Ceccato.) Stefany and Daniele assist their clients in making their dreams into memories one trip at a time with their extensive travel experience and the exclusive perks they offer their clients. Trips can be custom-tailored to the client’s needs and desires. They both share a love for people – so building relationships, whether friends or clients, is a natural fit!

One of their other dreams is to give back to others. As travel with intention is their theme for both themselves and their clients, five percent of DMC Travel Tailor’s profits will go to a charity fund where they will volunteer their services on charity trips to help children, adults, and animals in need.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

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