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Have These Travel Myths Been Hindering Your Progress?

Have These Travel Myths Been Hindering Your Progress? In our years of talking to people (because we are suckers for delightful conversations), we are yet to come across anyone who hates travel. What we have encountered so far is a list of myths that non-travelers spread. What are some that you’ve heard about travel and cringed at their sheer untruthfulness?

You Need Tons of Money Some people believe that travel calls for draining of their bank accounts. Well, you can take this to the bank; you can travel on a budget. What you need is proper planning to take advantage of discounts on accommodation especially when it’s the low season, lower flight costs, and the shared cost of traveling in a group.

You Don’t Need Insurance Umm, you do. Not to say that anything bad will happen while you are away, but why leave that door open? Your travel agency will help you get your travel insurance in time for travel.

It’s All Fun and No Income Well, true, but not if you are an entrepreneur at heart. The places you are visiting are new to you and thousands of people. How about paving the way for them to visit someday? Document your travels so that they know what to expect and earn income passively. You can teach a language too while away and earn enough for the next trip.

Solo Female Traveler? No! Fear is crippling and will not allow you to experience anything new until you kick it to the curb. We have planned trips for solo women travelers for eons, and they always come back in one piece with a lot to tell. If anyone tells you to shelf your plans till you have male company, then they are projecting their fears on you. Shake them off.

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