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Amalfi Coast by Yacht

We found Pasquale through a friend of Daniele’s.  Pasquale is the captain of the yacht with Akhir Cruises that we had the opportunity to spend the day cruising around on while we were in the Amalfi Coast.  We were there with my family and figured this would be beautiful way to spend the day together. After all, how does it get better than being on the water in an intimate setting with a breathtaking backdrop?!

At first, a day on the yacht sounded pricey, but Pasquale gave us a deal to steal that included a cruise to Furore and back, including a homemade lunch and dinner, cooked by his sweet wife, Michela.  We met them and the yacht in Salerno.  When it was time for lunch, we docked the boat in Ravello, in front of a castle where they filmed some James Bond scenes.

Lunch was scrumptious and hit the spot.

The sun was shining.  It felt so good to feel the warmth of the rays on our face and to just relax and enjoy some quality family time.  I liked the back of the yacht where we could stretch out and take in our gorgeous surroundings.

Pasquale even let Buddy, my brother in law, drive the boat, which amused him!

And of course the views were jaw dropping the whole ride there and back.

I asked if we could see Furore and the famous arch I had seen in pictures. Pasquale made it happen.  After Furore, we turned around to head back to Salerno.

Once we docked in Salerno, we went to walk around and explore the downtown area while Michela prepared dinner for us.  After some shopping, we headed back to indulge in one more delicious meal before our day was coming to an end.

Good food, good wine, good crew and family bonding time made it an unforgettable day.  We enjoyed getting to know Pasquale and his lovely wife.  He explained to us he can also do cruises in Sardinia, where he lived for years.  The yacht does have bedrooms for sleep if a couple, family or group would like to cruise from Amalfi to Sardinia or vice versa.  I highly recommend this excursion.  It was the highlight of our Amalfi Coast time!

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