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Taking a Vacation in Antarctica

Taking a Vacation in Antarctica Have you considered taking your next vacation in Antarctica? Its subzero temperatures, dry climate, and lack of a resident population may appear to be negatives, but these attributes actually augment its beauty. Its ancient glaciers and gorgeous wildlife are great sights to see, and you can do that through DMC Travel Tailor’s Virtuoso tours! Virtuoso offers ocean cruises of this amazing continent every year from November to March.

Classic Antarctica Tour This week-long tour begins in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where you can transfer to your hotel and join other tourists in a cocktail reception during the evening. Then, you arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina, and cruise through the Drake Passage while observing seabirds and other Antarctic wildlife. When the tour ends, you and your fellow vacationers return to Ushuaia for breakfast, then go to Buenos Aires for your return flight home.

Antarctica Ocean Cruise Multi-Adventure Tour During this 11-day tour, which also starts in Buenos Aires, not only do you explore the Drake Passage; you explore Port Lockroy, Neko Harbor, and Paradise Bay! Port Lockroy is known for its floating icebergs and scenic coves and inlets. Neko Harbor allows you to hike through the snow to get a look at an ice-framed harbor. Paradise Bay is where you can see animals like humpback whales, seals, and albatrosses. Weather permitting, you can even go kayaking there.

Antarctic Frontiers with Eric Philips This 11-day trip begins and ends in Cape Town, South Africa. The majority of this tour takes place in Queen Maud Land where you can partake in ice climbing, kite skiing, glacier-gazing, and other activities. You also spend a little time in the South Pole hiking on snow and camping out in warm tents.

As you see, vacationing in Antarctica isn’t as bad as it seems. In other words, taking a trip there is cool in more ways than one! Call Stefany with DMC Travel Tailor at (917) 653-9346 and or email her at for details.

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