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Q&A with Steve Lassman, Vice President, Villas of Distinction

Would you like to stay in a luxury villa with your own private staff-chef, butler and laundress with your loved ones overlooking a mountainous coastline? If so, I will work with Villas of Distinction, one of our preferred travel partners, to find the right spot and home for you.

Here I am with Steve Lassman, Vice President of Villas of Distinction. Villas of Distinctions has villas in over 50 destinations around the world and they inspect each villa they offer, which is great. We speak about how the villa business is these days, safety measures they are taking post Covid-19, destinations that are in demand right now and some of the amazing experiences we can put together to make unforgettable memories. For any questions, and or if you would like to plan your villa stay, contact Stefany at and or

With passion and adventure,


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