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My Tahiti Bungalow Experience at the Sofitel in Moorea

Last Easter I was away on a work trip in Tahiti. Even though I missed being with my husband and family on a holiday, if I had to pick somewhere to be, an exotic island is always at the top of my list! We stayed in Moorea, which is an island in French Polynesia in the South Pacific. I had always seen the pictures of the brown bungalows planted in the bright turquoise water and wanted to stay in one. We stayed at the Sofitel, a luxury hotel brand, that has locations around the world.

The room was sleek and rich looking with the dark brown wooden canopy bed draped with a white netting and the rectangular cut out to see through the bottom to the water and the fishes swimming by. So cool! You don’t get this everywhere!

It was so peaceful.  I had my own patio with lounge chairs.  I loved the fact that I could just jump off into the water to go for a snorkel from my bungalow!  Everyday I was there, I took advantage of that and went for a swim.  I saw a lot of bright yellow and black striped angel fish.  They all seemed to breed around here!

For a day excursion, I got talked into going for a shark and stingray swim!  I say talked into because everyone that knows me, knows I am scared of sharks and would not jump at the opportunity to go into the water and hang out with them!  Always thinking like Curious George, I thought, I will try anything once!  We went for a boat ride with a guide who brought us to a spot with food to feed the stingrays and sharks.  The stingrays were really soft.  We were told they no longer had the ability to sting, which made me feel a bit more comfortable swimming with them.  I would jump every time one swam around me side swiping me.  I felt like I was in an underwater broadway show seeing all the black tip sharks swimming around chasing each other for the food!  It was quite exhilarating and such a unique experience.  I didn’t know what to expect, but once I got underwater to see all of this action, I was no longer scared.  I held onto a rope in the water to see this spectacular show as the current was very strong that day and fought hard to pull us in the opposite direction.

As for dinner options, we enjoyed a seven course meal at K restaurant one evening. I wasn’t able to eat all of the courses as I do not like eating raw fish, but as you can imagine, with 7 courses, I had plenty of other options to choose from! It was a beautiful romantic restaurant. Too bad Daniele is not with me, I thought! I admired all the ornaments that adorned this space; the red ginger in the clear cylinder vase, the white candle chandeliers and the white drapes.

Overall, as far as customer service goes, I wasn’t crazy about the service at this hotel, particularly the wait staff at the main restaurant. Most of the time, we felt a bit ignored along with a snooty attitude. I probably would not go back to this place just for that reason, but as for beauty, it surrounded us here. I have to say it was glamorous having my first over water Tahiti bungalow experience!

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