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Updated: Mar 31, 2022

One of the perks of the business I am in is seeing and staying at beautiful hotel properties around the world.  One of the ones I will never forget is Trident Villas in Port Antonio, Jamaica.  We flew into Ocho Rios and we all agreed it was well worth the 2 hour drive from the airport to get to this hotel!  This was my first Jamaica stop.  I was excited to see it as I had always wanted to come here for a visit. When we checked in, I was in a state of awe looking around and taking in all that surrounded me, from the palm trees, greenery and ocean to all the interesting and cool decor.  The clean white lines and green bushes that outlined its way to the infinity pool outside was breathtaking, but when I checked into my villa, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… Outside the sliding door was my own personal infinity pool!  I had to stop for a moment and pinch myself as this was one of those moments in this business, where I am thinking to myself, “Is this real?!  Am I experiencing this…!”  I walked outside and not only was there a pool, there was a whole patio set.  A whole family could have enjoyed this room!  I felt weird being the only one here to benefit from all of this!  I was wishing Daniele was here with me to take pleasure in this wonderful moment of bliss.  Around the other corner of the villa was another entrance outside where an old-fashioned white bath tub sat with a circular hole carved out in the wall to adore the views while taking a bath.  Wow, first time I have seen something like this, it was spectacular!

The room was clean and modernly decorated using a lot of white and rich dark brown accents with a touch of blue and orange colors.  A black and white bag that read Trident was placed on my bed that I thought was a nice touch and great as a hotel marketing tool!  It came in handy for my Blue Lagoon boat ride, where the famous movie Blue Lagoon was filmed and when I visited the Trident Castle next door, where couples have gotten married.  We had a tour guide take us on a boat ride in the Blue Lagoon.  It was a great way to see the Lagoon in the limited time we had here.  The guide did a good job giving us some history and factual tid bits of information, he even pointed out the houses where many celebrities stay when they come like; Beyoncé and Shaggy!

The castle was nearby the property.  It was also breathtakingly beautiful with its royal arches, pillars and intricate detail inside and outside the building with a stunning water view.

I only had a couple of days at this amazingly polished property and I enjoyed every second of it.  I made sure to take some deep breaths in to thank God for this wonderful opportunity to see not only a bit of Jamaica, but to stay in such a one-of-a-kind villa that made me feel like a queen for two days.


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