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Most of my stays away on trips have been in Marriotts.  A lot of crews like to stay in Marriotts, because we get points for staying in them with their rewards program and get to use them to stay in Marriotts ourselves when we go on vacation, which is a great perk for us!  I just used my Marriott points to stay in the St. Thomas Ritz Carlton on my honeymoon.

Getting to see many different Marriotts in the US and overseas has been exciting to me over the years.  I love to admire the decor in each particular place, because it usually has a feel for the area you are in.  Classic Marriotts use a lot of reds, yellows and warm colors in general, which are very inviting with a cozy feel.  I am partial to Marriotts for this reason alone; friendly colors make me feel happy!  Recently, I stayed in the Marriott Long Wharf in Boston for the first time.  It is an upscale harbourside hotel located on the historic Long Wharf pier.  Delightful views of the marina from my room and awesome location!  Convenient for shopping and good dining options with Little Italy, Quincy Market and Faneuil Marketplace near by in walking distance.  I was impressed walking in to see arched window cut outs  on all the floors and the long strings of lights that hung from the ceiling in the center of the building.  A nice polished hard wood floor is also easy on the eyes next to the check in at the restaurant!

Marriott also has an Autograph Collection series, which I have been staying in as well.  The Autograph series tend to have more of a modern feel with a very edgy and chic twist to them.  Over the summer I stayed in the London Edition for the first time and really adored it.  It is a luxury 5 star boutique hotel located in Fitzrovia, near London’s Soho district.  I was in awe at the grandiose lobby with high ceilings and large windows.  The intricate detail on the walls of the ceilings were magnificent!  The decor was a great blend of older architecture mixed with unique modern accessory pieces like the oval silver egg hanging from the ceiling.  I always love seeing a black and white tiled floor, it is so classy and rich.  There was so much to appreciate in the restaurant with the splendid ceilings, the lighting, all the pictures that filled the walls and the sleek-looking lamps.

The one thing I could do without was the creepy picture of a lady who I did not know in my room!  I didn’t get that…Weird!

Besides taking pleasure in the aesthetics around me, I liked that it was also a fun spot to stay.  They play music in the evenings in the lobby, which is loungelike and even has a pool table.  They have a cocktail bar on the ground floor, the Punch Room, which serves many different kinds of punch and a dance club in the basement.  We hung out in the lobby one evening and I may have had a little too much fun!  I took a liking to the music they were playing and the next thing I knew I was picked up and held up in the air by a guy I was dancing with who showed some serious dance skills, which I jumped up to take a part in!  A security guy came over smiling, and reminded us that there was a dance club downstairs.  Great ambiance and great music, why did I have to move, I thought to myself?!  Can’t I just dance here?!  I think the lift alerted him, so maybe next time I stay I will have to tone it down a notch, but I loved that you don’t have to leave the hotel to find entertainment here!

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