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It’s not just for billionaires. Here’s how to book your space flight.

The era of space tourism is upon us. Richard Branson made his much-anticipated journey to an altitude of 50 miles on Virgin Galactic. There may be academic debate about whether it actually counts as space, but it was high enough to earn astronaut wings from the FAA. Go high enough to experience zero gravity and see the curve of that big blue marble we call home and you’ll know a feeling unparalleled by any other experience.

Branson made the voyage just days ahead of Jeff Bezos, who will take a Blue Origin space flight this week. But that feeling of sheer awe and wonder is not limited to billionaire entrepreneurs. That feeling can be yours, and we can help make it happen. As one of the few agencies approved by Virgin Galactic, we can arrange your booking on a space flight.

Imagine strapping in as you get set to climb to the upper bounds of Earth’s atmosphere. Picture floating weightless as you peer down at the planet, taking in a view only a fraction of humanity has ever witnessed. “I have dreamt of this moment since I was a kid, and honestly nothing could prepare you for the view of Earth from space,” Branson said after landing.

It’s a dream many of us have had almost all our lives. With commercial service slated to begin in early 2022, you can make it a reality. There are about 600 future astronauts who have already booked their tickets, so you’ll want to secure your place in line. Just as we make dreams come true by planning the best trips on Earth, we can plan your literally out-of-this-world journey as well.

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