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Interview with Dilshad Vadsaria, Actress and Inventor of rev’pod ™

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I had the pleasure of speaking with Dilshad. She actually kept me good company while I was driving home from my mom and dad’s house in Fort Mill. Our mutual friend whom we both adore introduced us to each other. I find her fascinating. Her zest for life and ambition are admirable. We discovered we have quite a few things in common. She and I share the same passion and love for travel, needless to say, conversation came easy. She invented a travel product rev’pod ™, I have a travel company, DMC Travel Tailor, so we decided, why not collaborate?

As I found her and her product intriguing, I thought you might as well and I wanted to share her story with you. These are the questions I asked her.

Where did you grow up?

I like to say I grew up everywhere and I grew up nowhere. I’ve moved around my entire life so there isn’t one place I can call home. Though I have now lived in L.A. the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere. The moving around has probably attributed to my staying curious about the world…eventually making me a wanderluster at heart.

What is rev’pod ™ ?

rev’pod ™ is an ultra soft, sustainable travel and lounge pod which offers a hidden eye mask in the hoodie, mittens for your cold hands, hidden pockets for your valuables, a double zip to snap the pod up so that you never have to take it off and a handle so that when you roll it up to you can take it with you wherever you go! Whew..try saying that fast.

You can check us out at or @getrevpod on Insta.

What inspired you to create rev’pod ™ ?

We dreamt up rev’pod ™ as people who love to travel but also love being in our own worlds. Nowadays traveling can be exhausting, stressful and frankly germy. So rev’pod ™ was dreamt up as a way to feel like you are cocooned, calm and serene as you travel, glamp, rest up in a hotel room or even in your own home.

Who is your ideal customer for rev’pod ™ ?

Someone who likes to be comfortable but still marches to his or her own beat. Who doesn’t look for permission from others to do something or be a certain way. So whether it’s lounging at home or on a plane, you can have on your rev’pod ™ and feel like you’re doing things your own way.

We spoke about you loving to travel. Why do you love it?

I love adventure, meeting people, seeing culture. I would be the person who would say to you, the museum outing was nice, but let’s take a walk through that neighborhood and see how people live. Ultimately, I think we are all the same in our hearts. We’re all connected in some way. What I love is knowing that and then exploring the food, architecture, and the historical events of the land, music, sports, and art. This all makes up a culture, so I want to know how and what has shaped these elements to be what they are today. I’m a kid in awe, each time I discover all of these things when I travel.

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What has been your most memorable trip and why?

Probably Botswana. I traveled there for three weeks on safari. I had no phone. No connection to the outside world aside from what was around me. It was unexpectedly joyous and peaceful to be around the animals. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I had a very difficult time adjusting to our busy, busy world when I returned.

Traveling as much as I have, I can definitely relate to being cold on planes and wanting something to keep my ears and head warm. Flying takes a toll on our bodies, why not at least be warm and comfy when flying? If you are looking for something to keep you cozy during flight and or at home, you can get 10% off by using the coupon code stefanypod at check out:

I can relate to her response on wanting to live like the locals in places. I don’t mind hitting some tourist attractions, but I find joy in having moments while traveling with the locals, learning more about the place through the people. One thing I treasure most about travel is the bond you make with people you meet along the way. And of course I love her last response, as a fellow Africa lover, and an African specialist, I agree, there is nothing like Africa. Its magic draws you in forever. There is something to be said about the peace you feel when you are amidst the animals and wide-open landscapes. Nature feeds our souls, and these days, I am sure we could all use more of it!

Happy Travels! Stefany


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