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Dreaming of Travel

A leap of leopards lazing in a tree, taking refuge from the heat of the midday sun. An occasional flick of the tail to ward off a fly. A cup of coffee in a Parisian cafe, full of observers watching the rest of the city go about its day. Looking down over the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia on a hot air balloon ride. Stepping foot onto Antarctica, marking your seventh continent visited. Watching the sun set in Hawaii, hoping to catch a glimpse of the green flash as it dips below the horizon.

These are the images that have been dancing through our heads the last couple of weeks as the world goes on pause and we have only our travel dreams to satisfy our wanderlust. Webcam’s such as the one at Georgia Seaquarium and the I Love You, Venice, Venice YouTube channel are helping us get by until we can get back out into the world again. So each week until the world’s borders open back up and we can personally experience the sights and sounds of our favorite places once more, we’ll highlight ways you can bring the world into your home. From movies set in stunning locales to recipes for international delicacies, we’ll try to keep your boredom at a minimum and your travel dreams alive.

If we all do our parts now and practice social distancing, we can contain the spread of the novel coronavirus faster and get the world back up and running. Travel will be back. Exchanging stories, exchanging culture and soaking up all the beauty this world has in store is one of the best parts of the human experience. And the best parts always return.

So while you may not be able to get to Rome to see the first days of spring in bloom along the Tiber, you can watch videos and take web classes on Roman history through the American Institute for Roman Culture, including a kids Q&A on Wednesdays. You can’t go to the world’s best museums right now, but you can take virtual tours of them with Google Arts & Culture. On the sites national parks landing page you can fly over an active volcano, kayak around icebergs or gaze into the night sky away from the sprawl of the city.

We know a lot of you had plans that had to be put aside, and many of you are waiting to see if your summer travels will still take place. If you can, we urge you to postpone rather than cancel your trip. You’ll still get a lifetime of memories and you’ll help the industry that brings the world right to us keep going. If you haven’t already signed up for Wanderlist, now would be a great time to plan years’ worth of vacations and be able to take advantage of specials once your favorite destinations reopen. If you’re like us, you’re itching to get out and rediscover the world. What will be the first place you go? Let us know at or (917) 653-9346.

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