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Book Your 2021 Travel Now

While your vacation this summer will be spent closer to home rediscovering America or heading down to the Caribbean, the time to plan for going farther afield next year is now. If you had a trip you were looking forward to this year canceled, you’re far from alone. Demand for international travel in 2021 will be huge, with millions of people rescheduling the trips they had lined up for this year plus folks the world over who have been under lockdown eager to escape.

Big events such as the Tokyo Olympics and the European soccer championships have been moved to next summer. Escorted tours are filling up first with those whose 2020 departures have been canceled. Social distancing will in all likelihood still be with us, so hotels and resorts might limit their capacity to ensure everyone has enough space. We’d hate to have you get geared up for a wonderful vacation only to find out your top choice of where to stay is full.

The drop in air travel has led airlines to cut down on routes and frequency as well as social distancing reducing the number of seats per flight. Finding space on the schedules that work best for you and in the class of service can be challenging the longer you wait. Of course, if you want to fly privately, we can arrange that too, but again time is of the essence. With flexibility in booking, rules aren’t as stringent as they were before, and in most cases you’ll be able to avoid penalties if you have to change your travel dates.

Whenever you choose to book, we will of course do everything in our power to make your trip as great as you’ve dreamed. But we are advisors, and our best advice is to start planning now while you can have your pick of tours, hotels, villas and cruises. After a trying 2020, 2021 is shaping up to be a big year. Reach out to Stefany at (917) 653-9346 or info@dmctraveltailor to get started.

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