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Amazing Reasons to Visit Australia

If you are considering an Australian vacation and experiencing what this beautiful country has to offer, take a look at the top five reasons to visit.

The Landscape

The landscape in Australia is tremendously varied. At the peak of the Cape Tribulation are the oldest rainforests to exist. The red sands of the outback provide miles of untouched desert. The green acres of the state of Tasmania and Victoria display forestry to surpass nearby New Zealand.

The Beaches

Australian beaches are an obvious attraction, with about fifty-thousand kilometers of coastline. In fact, more than eighty percent of the Australian population live within one-hundred kilometers of the coast.

The famous sands of Coogee and Bondi in Sydney are a must-see for those who want to try their luck on a surfboard while marking off their experience of a beach barbeque. Melbourne’s St Kilda Beach is a favorite for backpackers. And, if you find yourself in the southern state of Victoria, the waves of Torquay are definitely worth a visit.

The Weather

One of the main reasons why people want to visit the country of Australia is famously clear weather. Average temperatures in the state of Sydney reach around 78 degrees in summer, with Perth reaching as high as 86 degrees.

The Outdoor Activities

Australians adore the outdoors, and with the marvelous weather who can blame them? There is the standard version of surfing in addition to windsurfing, sandboarding, and kite surfing. There are climbing and hiking and trekking the Blue Mountains. Water babies come to enjoy the white-water rafting down Tully River.

The Wildlife

Australia’s wildlife is a captivating sight. The country is home to ten of the world’s eleven most deadly species such as box jellyfish, saltwater crocodiles, funnel-web spider, and the Taipan snake.

The country is also known for some of the cutest animals in the world like the sugar gliders and koala bears. However, kangaroos still seem to be the favorite for most tourists.

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