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A Visit to Fiji: Things to Do

Yes, a visit to Fiji is not just like any other visit. If you are planning to have a memorable trip in the future, you may want to consider Fiji as one of the destinations you can tour. Fiji is situated in the heart of the South Pacific and is symbolized by the over 330 tropical islands. These islands are home to the happiest people in this world. If you are visiting Fiji, you may want to know a few things to do.

Mamanuca Islands

Having a short trip by boat from Nadi International Airport takes you to the Mamanuca Islands. This chain of exotic islands has stunning resorts and white sand beaches. And you know what? Fiji’s pristine, white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters offer a breathtaking experience for travelers.  

Viti Levu

Viti Levu is the largest isle and considered the home to Fiji’s official capital, Suva that is located on the east coast in addition to Nadi, the tourism capital and the arrival point for international travelers. A ride by taxi from Nadi International Airport brings you to Sabeto Range, the forested foothills. This is the place where the late Raymond Burr, an actor, built the Garden of the Sleeping Giants.

 Immerse Yourself into Nadi’s Culture

The open-air souvenir market at Nadi allows you to see and buy the traditional Fijian crafts.  You can buy hand-painted saris or the kava bowls. The Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple brings you memories of the Fiji’s Indian legacy. About half of the population in Fiji is of Southeast Asian heritage. The descendants of Bengalis and Indians had arrived in British sugar plantations around the 1800s and that’s how the heritage of Nadi was born.

Fiji is highly regarded for its luxurious private islands, top spas, all-inclusive resorts, and the culinary. The outdoor adventure experiences in Fiji are unmatched. You can plan a trip to go and see the most widely celebrated culture in the world. DMC Travel Tailor can help you plan your next trip. They will work with you to see what best fits your travel needs.

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