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Updated: Mar 31, 2022

I was happy to see Bahamas was on the trip sheet.  A few years ago I made some fond memories on a work trip in the Bahamas!  This past year was the first time I stayed at the Cove Atlantis in Bahamas.  It was a treat.

The highlights of my trip were:

1. This view from my room! The great part was I didn’t even have to get out of bed to enjoy it!  I usually opt to get out and about in places, but this room had such an open and airy feel to it, I really enjoyed my time working and relaxing in here!  Especially since it rained for most of my stay there.

2. The Bed

I just sunk into the bed.  It felt so comfy, I didn’t want to get out!   I can’t remember ever having an experience like that in a bed!

3. My Stuart’s Cove Snorkel Experience

The concierge recommended a few companies and Stuart’s Cove was one them.  They were attentive and helpful.  I like to snorkel and they said it had the best spots.  They were right!  I saw many fish including parrot fish, barracudas, angel fish and sharks!  We made 3 stops and one of them was to swim with the sharks, which I wasn’t aware of and decided to stay on the boat to watch the sharks swim around when they were feeding them.  I would post more pics, but my Go Pro case filled with water that day and ruined my camera. I was so bummed!

4. Watching the Sunset from my Room

It’s not every day you can watch an amazing sunset from your own room!

5.  Eating in Marina Village–Not only aesthetically pleasing, but great food too!  Had the opportunity to eat at Cafe Martinique that has creations from the world renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.  The snapper and bananas foster were delicious here!

6. A Casino on the Property

Usually I like to stay away from hotels that are attached to casinos, because I am not a gambler and big crowds are not my scene, but…a friend I was with had given me a gift of $100 for me to try the slot machines.  We made it fun and played some different slots.  The $100 grew into $250 when I cashed it out.  It was a win win for me!

7. An Adult Only Swimming Pool

The Cove is part of the Atlantis that is known to be the “adult” section on the property.  It is a luxury hotel that has an adult only swimming pool.  As much as I love kids, it is nice to have a pool offered that is away from all the noise and chaos!  You have access to the beach in the back of the pool.  It was a cloudy day, but I made the best of it!

8.  Nobu is always a plus!

Having a Nobu on the property is always a plus!  I don’t eat raw fish, but I love the Miso Glazed Cod from Nobu.  Yum!

9. This Bag

This bag is in the room and is complimentary for the hotel guest.  I thought it was useful and a great marketing idea!  In the past I always wondered why more hotels don’t do this.

The only disappointments I had on this trip at this property was an issue with dry cleaning.  When I received my dry cleaning/laundry back, all of my clothes had a number stapled to them.  The staple was hard to come off without ripping the clothes.  A hole ripped in one of my work out tops when I tried to remove the staple.  I called and spoke to housekeeping and they said there was nothing they could do about it since I took the it off myself.   I think they should have a different system for organizing the clothes that is easier for guests to remove themselves than what they are using.  Or at the very least include a pair of scissors with the clothes they return to your room to help keep your clothes in one piece-damage free!

The other disappointment was not being able to receive Marriott points at this property.  As a private jet flight attendant, one of our perks is getting hotel points since we don’t have any perks getting rides on private jets.  The front desk said since it was booked from a 3rd party, we were not able to receive the points.  They are very strict here about this.  As much as we travel and stay in Marriotts, that was frustrating for us!

Despite these two disappointments, it was a great stay.  I normally prefer boutique hotels, but it was fun to have all these great options for activities and food at my doorstep.

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