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Why Travel

Traveling is one of the greatest experiences. Seeing new places, people, experiences new cultures, and the food is something that almost everyone enjoys. Being a more cultured person makes you more open-minded to different ideas and experience. When planning a trip, it can be stressful though. Whether you are planning a business trip or a family vacation, making sure you have the itinerary correct while you are still trying to live your everyday life is hard. This is why you should use DMC Travel Tailor. A company that takes specialized requests and plans your trip for you.

Founded by Stefany Ceccato and Daniele Di Manno in 2016. They both have traveling backgrounds, Stefany working as a flight attendant and Daniele who was the manager for a commercial and private aviation station. They each had a passion for travel and exploring new places and cultures. They launched their company with hopes of creating custom-tailored trips for their clients. DMC Travel Tailor builds personal and long-lasting relationships with their clients to ensure that their trip was a success and that they will continue to use their services. DMC Travel Tailor gives back a percentage of their profits to a charity that they work with closely.

The Process

DMC Travel Tailor has organized and created a plan to help the planning process be more efficient. It includes:

  1. Discover and Understand

  2. They learn more about you with a phone call.

  3. Clarify and Commit

  4. Create an agreement

  5. Design Travel

  6. They take their resources to design a unique and individualized itinerary.

  7. Reserve and Reconfirm

  8. They reserve the services and then confirm that they are exactly what the client wanted.

  9. Monitor and Manage

  10. While the client is gone, DMC Travel Tailor takes care of anything that need to be done while you are gone.

  11. Debrief and Recalibrate

  12. They speak with the client about their trip and discuss any questions or problems they might have had.

The next time you travel, consider DMC Travel Tailor who will make all your dream a reality.

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