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Interview with Lesa Bain with Lindblad Expeditions

Do you want to see a polar bear up close in the Arctic or lock eyes with a penguin in Antarctica? Do you wish to pass by a humpback whale whose popped his head out of the water in Baja California? Or admire a giant tortoise in Galapagos? Kayak near a glacier surrounded by mountains in Alaska?

Lindlblad Expeditions offers many of these exciting expedition adventures around the world. In this interview, Lesa explains to us what an expedition is and tells us a couple of her favorite moments on trips. We also discuss their affiliation with National Geographic Society, most popular itinerary and family travel. I love that Lindblad is all about adding value to the guest’s experience. We at DMC Travel Tailor share that same principle. I also love that they make a positive impact on the destinations they travel to and have itineraries designed by explorers!

Are you ready to have some Ahhhh moments? If so, I’m thrilled to help plan your next adventure. You can contact me at: and or to start the process.

With passion and adventure,


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