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Creative ways to experience your next holiday

So you’ve had to make a few adjustments to your summer vacation plans. Conventional means of transportation, touring and unwinding have changed dramatically. Even which destinations you can visit is completely different from your last trip. It can be daunting when you’re used to having the whole world open to you. That’s why the knowledge and creativity of travel advisors is so important. We’ve spent the last few months working with partners old and new to design socially distanced getaways to be ready for you this summer.

Private jets

You might not yet be comfortable flying commercial. The route you’re looking for might only be offered intermittently, perhaps without the nonstop options you’re accustomed to. Flying private, you go directly to your destination with only your traveling companions, no long lines to wait in or middle seats. The drink service comes around whenever you want it to, and you can breathe a little easier out of the crowd.

Yacht charters

They’re the private jets of the ocean. With most cruises out of U.S. ports suspended until at least Sept. 15, charters are a wonderful way to cruise around the Caribbean and soak up the island life. More islands are reopening to tourism by the week, so there is a great amount of exploration to do. Sail on your own or with a crew and skipper, either way you’ll have access to watersports equipment and a beautiful well-appointed home away from home.

Private villas

If you want to get away from it all, there are plenty of standalone villas with the amenities and privacy to make you forget your troubles, at least for a little while. If you want the space and privacy but also dining options and extra perks, perhaps a villa that’s part of a resort is right for you. No matter what, we have you covered with an array of lavish options. 

Rediscover America

With the sheer number of fabulous destinations around the world, it can be easier to forget what a vast and varied country we have. Starting Aug. 1 travelers who test negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of travel can avoid quarantine in Hawaii. The Great American road trip is making a comeback, with RVs, glamping and ranch living in wide open spaces allowing travelers to be safe but still get out and about. There are small-ship cruises along America’s rivers and the waterways of Alaska sailing this summer.

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