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Bright lights. Huge high rises all around you. Throngs of people fill the streets, walking swiftly to get from point A to point B. In one row, a white business man in his 40s dressed in a grey suit, next to an Asian girl in her 20s wearing a red dress with gold heels, next to an African-American guy in his 30s in jeans and T-shirt, next to two European guys in tight fitted pants, holding hands.  Dozens of people are lining up to get a quick bite from a street vendor. A naked cowboy is playing his guitar in the center of Times Square, wondering when he will take his break. Yellow and black taxi cabs prowl every corner, looking for their next fare.  Two businessmen are walking out of a marble-floored lobby, giving each other a high-five after closing a huge deal they have been working on for months.  A dreamy-eyed girl in a black designer suit, carrying a black briefcase, looks up to check the address of her next appointment. Big, bold retail flagship stores command your attention with their presence. Iconic buildings like the Empire State and the Chrysler stand tall and light up the skyline at night. The smell of fresh tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese lingers from the corner brick oven pizza joint. Feel the energy flowing through your veins.  Just a day in NYC, the true melting pot mecca of the world.

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