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Set your eyes on the brown wooden swing hanging from a tree branch looking out at the clear, turquoise water beaming in front of you. A little yellow boat awaits you for an adventure of your choice; whether it be kite boarding, windsurfing or diving at Safari Lodge, the only establishment on the tiny island of Nananu-i-Ra, a Fijian Island in the vast South Pacific Ocean. Snorkel and see cobalt blue starfish treasures lying on the bottom of the sea. Squeeze yourself into a wetsuit and take a boat ride to learn a new sport.  Feel the adrenaline rush of maneuvering a kite to fly in the wind under the bright blue sky, with a master guiding you every step of the way.


Back at the ranch, enjoy homemade meals from a friendly cooking staff where you eat at a picnic table outside, giving you the opportunity to meet and converse with other guests. It is a perfect atmosphere for bonding. Return to your wooden hut for the evening. No TV. No distractions. Hear the rustle of the wind blowing through the window screens. Gaze at an intimate view of palm trees and ocean out on your balcony. Experience raw nature at its finest, working to free your busy mind. Take advantage of the serenity and simplicity of this soul-searching haven to draw you into discovering another part of yourself that wishes to be heard.

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