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He lifts her long white train as she steps into the carriage on the cobble-stoned street. It is their wedding day in Charleston, SC. The wife and husband duo photography team gets into many compromising positions to get the perfect shot as the gentleman in the black top hat directs the horse to where he would like to take them next. Tall old churches and rainbow-colored buildings fill this town with charm and character. Lines of people form for brunch at one of the many acclaimed restaurants with a renowned chef. An aroma of fried chicken and bacon fill the air. The word “Y’all” and the dish shrimp and grits are both staples here.

Family and friends are gathering outside on the sand in front of many boats that are docked at Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina in Mt. Pleasant waiting for the ceremony to begin while a violinist is playing Ave Maria. After a couple more prime photo opportunities under a Queen Street archway in front of cement tiled flooring, a private courtyard for fun dancing shots, in front of a quaint turquoise building with the horse and carriage to a “Just Married” carriage shot from the back with St. Philips church in the distance, they are ready to bolt back to their destination. Over the white Ravenel Bridge that resembles two triangles sitting next to each other and they are back in Mt. Pleasant to start this memorable evening. The sun is shining; boats are passing under the bridge, as people are paddle boarding at Shem Creek nearby. They bring her to meet her dad as everyone stands to watch him walk her down the boardwalk to where the priest and her husband to be is standing.

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