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Your toes are sinking into the warm sand and the water is glistening with the shining sun in front of you. Kangaroos are hopping around you on an island that is inhabited by only them and other Australian animals. You smile as a young male kangaroo leaps by your side and stares at you. He gazes at you wondering why you are there. You hear a rustling sound in a nearby tree behind you. You turn to look up at a koala bear eating leaves from one of the branches. You hope this day does not come to an end anytime soon.

Outside of Melbourne, a couple is driving in their rental car on the Great Ocean Road to see the Twelve Apostles. They stop at many points along the way to snap pictures of the breathtaking beauty in front of them where the mountain cliffs meet the Indian Ocean. They stare out in wonder, as the cool ocean air seems to make them feel freer with each breeze.

A girl in her twenties from South Africa is on her Outback adventure solo in memory of a love she lost that she met there. She encounters a flight crew next to her drinking red wine while watching the sunset over Ayers Rock. The sight makes for a perfect picture to frame. They share stories of their travels and life. After the sunsets, they giggle their way to the BBQ dinner that follows underneath the stars. The sky is a clear midnight blue with tons of tiny bright shining lights. The moment feels magical. No additional stargazing needed with a guide for this group.


An older couple in their sixties is in awe as they are taking in the view from a seaplane of the Whit Sundays. Swirling shades of aqua, yellow and tan look like giant waves mixed with ocean and sand. Sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, made up of 74 islands off of Queensland, secluded beaches and friendly vibes are below. They feel the tension in their shoulders release as they think of their days ahead filled with adventures that include sailing, snorkeling, diving and just being one with the magnetic effect of the marvelous nature surrounding them.

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